About us

King Spaces are one of the leading property management consultants based in Dubai, UAE. Formulated in the year 2005 the company’s primary aim is to provide quality living and office spaces to their clients.

The UAE property market is an extremely cash-rich venture but not an error-free one. Unlike many small players in the market, who end up promising the sky and delivering nothing, King Spaces remains grounded to reality and strives to provide a property that is appealing, comfortable and most of all free of ambiguities.

Dubai, UAE is one of the fastest-growing and most aspired real estate markets in the world. Having witnessed a strong economic growth trend, UAE is all set to rise steadily with a growing demand forecast especially after recovery from the recession. Market trends indicate a low-risk and high-opportunity combination, which is a clear indication for the investor as an ideal time to expend on property in the area.

The year 2015 saw a plunge in apartment sale prices in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi stats) by about 7%, and villa sale prices rose sharply by about 4%.  Where there might have been a slowdown in the acquisition rates introduction of new laws such as freehold property ownership for foreigners, new mortgage rules and the rent cap laws favoring, landlords are bound to create avenues for property buyers. The rental market yet outperforms the buying market as usual. As one of the hottest global market for residential property owners, the growing population only make an investment in real estate a wise choice. The UAE is one of the safest havens for investors across the globe.

King Spaces USP enables the investor to analyze their anticipations, plan their ROI, and navigate their life-savings in the right direction. We are well-versed with the property laws of the region making us one of the most trusted agents with extensive knowledge to satisfy all customer expectations.

Our key management team constitutes of a group of distinguished members who have surveyed and experienced the real estate industry in UAE for over  8 years. Rich in practical knowledge, the team lays emphasis on professionalism and visibility techniques, directly enhancing customer confidence.

King Spaces delivers comprehensive and error-free real estate solutions through precise data examination, presentation, analysis and conclusive research.